U.S. County Tree Benefits

This tool allows you to easily view the numerous benefits that trees provide across your county or for a project area within the county.

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The following tree benefits can be accessed:

  • Total carbon stored (tons and dollar value)
  • Annual carbon sequestration (tons and dollar value)
  • Air pollution removal per year (pounds of NO2 , SO2 , O3 , PM10 , or PM2.5
  • Estimate the pollution removal effect relative to automobile emission (i.e., reduction in number of vehicles per year that equals pollution removal)
  • Pollution removal value per year (dollar values associated with improved human health)
  • Avoided health incidences due to improved air quality per year (numerous metrics including avoided mortality)
  • Annual transpiration (millions of gallons)
  • Annual interception (millions of gallons)
  • Annual avoided runoff (millions of gallons, dollar value)

Special thanks to American Forests for helping fund the development of this tool.

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Warning: This tool can be very data intensive. It is not recommended for use on metered plans.

If i-Tree is not yet supported in your region, contact us to explore opportunities for funding collaboration.

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